About Us

Welcome to our blog. We are a couple of Canadians who were incredibly fortunate enough to be able to retire relatively young and follow our dream of exploring the world.


The initial goal of our blog was to keep friends and family up to date on our adventures and to perhaps spark or motivate someone with dreams of travel to step out and make them a reality. In the ensuing years it has become a bit of a journal and, hopefully, a resource for people who are looking for down to earth information on leading a nomadic lifestyle.


We sold all of our assets in Canada and now live full time as travelling nomads. If we had to be labelled, perhaps you could call us full time house sitters as we use opportunities to house sit as a general guide in our journey around the globe.


The other consistent activity we partake in is scuba diving. We don’t travel to dive, but if there is diving where we are travelling, you will find us under the water exploring that corner of our amazing world as well.


The other heavy interest you will pick up on in the blog is photography. I love my camera and Karen is wonderful enough to encourage and support my obsession.

So please, come and explore our adventures and if any of them cause you to think….”what if”, perhaps click the follow button and join us.

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  1. Hi,

    WOW great videos. I love the one in Bocas del Toro. Hey, I run a small non profit and would love to use your video for our website about programs for teens in Bocas del Toro. Please drop me a line and we can discuss…

    • I am glad you liked the video. I have no issue with you using the video. I only ask that I am given credit for it. How exactly do you want to present it?

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