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Getting very excited about the upcoming trip to Ecuador. We leave in 6 days, yesterday Karen and I went to the travel clinic for some inoculations. Let me make a suggestion, have the shots done in your non dominant arm. Though manageable, the stiffness and soreness at the injection site makes ever movement of the arm for the next 20 hours or so rather unpleasant. Also plan ahead a bit better then we did so you can take care of your shots earlier. A month a head would be a good guideline I would think. I am sure I would have forgotten about shots all together if I hadn’t been reading “Living and Retiring in Cuenca: 101 Question Answered” by Connie Pombo. Great book for a wide variety of questions you may have about going to Cuenca, Ecuador. 

Welcome to our travel blog. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to say, "I'm out of here?" Well we did, and in 2013 we made it a reality. We sold or gave away all of our possessions other than what fit in our luggage and we set off on an endless adventure. Part of our goal is to share our experiences with others and hopefully provide some information, motivation, or just a moments escape. The general idea was to look for a place that would be ideal to settle down in. However in the meantime it is about experiencing life in different countries amongst different cultures and learning how to understand and appreciate each other. A large part of our time is spent housesitting which provides an excellent opportunity to experience more of the "normal" neighbourhoods as opposed to the tourist locales. Though we make sure to enjoy those as well. So through plenty of photographs and a running commentary come and share with us our life on the road.

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