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Last Day on the Beach

In a twist of fate, on our last day on the coast we had our worst weather thus far. Overcast, breezy and only 25 degrees.
Yesterday a couple from Texas that we met on our real estate tour stopped by Montanita and we went for lunch. We went to a place with “Tikki” in it’s name. The food was ok, but a bit over priced for the venue I thought. The company was great though.
Due to the heavy clouds today there was no real sunset, however last nights was very nice.

It was neat today watching the workers who are doing the deck addition on the main house where we are staying. At home I’ve seen the carpenters using fancy lasers to get the same height for things over a large area. Here they just use a hose filled with water and mark each place at the same height.

The arborist was entertaining as well. I loved the fact that his shoes had a better shine than my work boots do.

Our host Bob took us into Olon today to get our bus tickets for the trip to Guayaquil tomorrow. He also took us for a drive north up the highway into the National Forest. It was beautiful
We will miss the coast when we head out tomorrow.

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  1. Peter: Are you relocating to Ecuador? My wife and I were in Puerto Cayo last month and just started the process of buying a lot there for a future home. We love the coast. I also spent a couple of days in Montanita. We are looking forward to going back during Christmas to begin our plans.

    • We certainly will be returning to Ecuador and it is one of our top choices for relocation. We do have some other areas we wish to check out before we make any purchases. Good luck with developing your new home in Puerto Cayo.


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