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Touring Kaua’i

Wrapping up another couple of great days on Kaua’i. Other than a couple of 5 minute showers the weather has been perfect, consistently 26 to 30 degrees.
Yesterday we spent a relaxing morning enjoying the sunshine then did some touring in the afternoon. We checked out the northern most point in the Hawaiian Islands, Kilauea Point.

This is a beautiful National Wildlife Refuge. Their big plan is to help save the State bird from extinction, the Ne Ne


The lighthouse at Kilauea is being renovated so it did not provide the great photo op one would hope for, but these things happen.

20121029-212453.jpg Most things are quieting down along the north shore now as the ocean tends to become somewhat rough at this time of year.

Today was a very busy day. An hour and a half drive took us around to the south side of Kaua’i. We first went and drove up the very entertaining highway 550B into Waimea Canyon to check out several viewpoints. This is a gorgeous area and is called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.

20121029-213025.jpgThe viewpoints are beautiful.






After soaking in the natural beauty of the area we headed back down to sea level. It is kind of cool here to be able to go from sea level to 5100ft and back to sea level in a couple of hours.
We stopped off in Hanapepe to get some ice cream at a little shop called Lappert’s Ice Cream. If you are every in this area you MUST have some ice cream here. It is so rich that unless you regularly abuse your body, one scoop of decadence will be more than enough. It is not cheap, but it is so worth it.
Our next stop was at the vice of caffeine, The Kaua’i Coffee Company. They offer a free self guided tour and endless samples of their product.

20121029-215946.jpg This is a very nice set up and if you want a very simple glance into what goes into your morning brew it is worth a stop.
Our last stop before heading back north was at Wailua Falls.

20121029-220730.jpgThese are the ones you may have seen if you are old enough, in the opening scenes of Fantasy Island. Honestly, they were not that impressive. It may be because the water level is a bit low and in the afternoon the falls are in shadow, but I was still disappointed. If you are going to see these falls, do it in the morning after it has been raining.

It is a beach day tomorrow so must get my beauty rest now.

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