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Piers and Such

Sunrise on Ambergris Caye
View from the pier at Bella Vista Resort

One of the first things you notice as you fly into Ambergris Caye are the piers that reach out from the east coast of the island stretching toward the Barrier Reef just offshore. There are many of them and the numbers, of course, coincide with the density of development on shore in that area.

Typical shoreline view
Residential piers north of San Pedro

Being an island, it is no surprise to see so many piers. But when you attempt to travel up or down the island via the road it becomes even more apparent why piers are so important.

Rough Roads
Typical section of road north of San Pedro. As we found out, some of the puddles are 12 – 18in deep.
Pot holes and puddles
The road approaching the only bridge that connects San Pedro with the north end of the island.

Boats are responsible for moving everything from tractors and cranes to people, supplies and garbage to all parts of the island. Because the water is so shallow along the coast and apparently dredging is no longer allowed, I believe this has something to do with conservation of the Monkey Grass in the shallows, piers are required to access the shore by boat.

The pier for the Palapa Bar
Suppling fresh produce.
There is no end to what is transported
A load of palm fronds for some project.
Coastal Express water taxi
Runs up and down the coast every 2 hours.

In addition to a landing location the piers also supply a parking stall or covered storage bay for people’s boats.

Private pier
Boat in storage for the season
Ingenuity is very prevalent in design
Dual purpose design is common.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention one of the most popular piers on the island, and one of our favourite hangouts’, The Palapa Bar. Great location and outstanding staff.

Palapa Bar
Wonderful location, great staff and tasty food.

Even after you consider all the economic and practical reasons for the abundance of piers on the island. If you own a camera the best reason is glaringly obvious, they are beautiful.

Private pier
Security is important to some.
Private Pier
Near the north end of the island.
Very unique set up
You just know there is an interesting story behind some of them.
Private pier
One of my favourites. This is the right idea I believe.
Private pier
Some in need of repairs.
Stormy skies
An ominous day.
Clouds rolling in
A calm morning.
Pier at Bella Vista
A favourite spot to spend an afternoon.

Piers are a beautiful and integral part of the local landscape. Take the time to enjoy what they have to offer.


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