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Belize Pro Dive Center's new boat. Specifically for trips to the Blue Hole.
Belize Pro Dive Center’s new boat. Specifically for trips to the Blue Hole.

One of the biggest thrills for us being back in Belize is the chance to do some fantastic diving. Our dive operator of choice is Belize Pro Dive Center. There are some excellent companies on the island, but of the few we have tried these guys and gal are the best. Part of the excitement was being able to be part of the group which made the first trip to the Blue Hole in their new boat “Wish You Had It!”. As well we took this chance to add another specialty to our diving resume by taking the Deep Dive Course. It dovetailed well with the trip to the Blue Hole.

The trip out to the Blue Hole was awesome. We were picked up at 5:30 at the pier by our condo and treated to a light breakfast at the dive shop before heading out as the sun rose across the water. As an added bonus the waters were very calm and we were able to take a straight line to our destination. When the water is rough you need to follow the reef around or risk being smashed senseless by the waves. The direct route saves 15 to 30 minutes, so we arrived in about 2 hours 10 minutes.


Karen getting ready for her vertical descent into the Blue Hole.
Karen getting ready for her vertical descent into the Blue Hole.

The Blue Hole dive is to the limit of recreational diving. We descended along a slope to approximately 10m (33ft) then you basically step off into the abyss. It is not actually an abyss as the bottom is about 130m (400ft+) below you, but if you went to the bottom the result would be the same as an abyss for a recreationally equiped and trained diver.

The group we were with was great and the dive masters watched over everyone very carefully making it a fun and relaxed dive. When you get to the 40m (130ft ) level dozens of stalagtites appear beside you on a small overhang. Very cool swimming around these geological features.

A few Reef Sharks came by as we were ascending out of the Blue Hole. Just checking us out.
A few Reef Sharks came by as we were ascending out of the Blue Hole. Just checking us out.

On the way up we were visited by some reef sharks. Other than those sharks there was not a lot of life to observe on this particular dive.

After finishing at the Blue Hole the crew took us to the Half Moon Caye dive site. By many this is considered the best dive of the day and it certainly did not disappoint. We were treated to some great swim throughs as well as a vast variety of fish. An outstanding dive.

It was busy at Half Moon Caye for our lunch break and extended surface interval.

 After our second dive we headed over to Half Moon Caye for lunch. It is a fairly busy area as this is where all the dive charters come for lunch. The area of the Blue Hole is a protected area, therefore you cannot just go and land on whatever caye you wish. On Half Moon Caye you also have the opportunity to observe a colony of Redfooted Booby Birds.

Ian, one of the Dive Masters, took time at lunch to add to his video library. He launched his drone to video Half Moon Caye from an aerial perspective.



A hogfish just cruising by.

Our last dive of the day was at an area called The Aquarium. It is a very descriptive and appropriate choice for the name. The number and diversity of fish in this area is difficult to comprehend. We enjoyed a relaxed and unhurried dive through this wonderland. An excellent way to wind up the day.

It is quite a challenge trying to get photos of the dozens of little fish darting in and around the coral. Just manged to catch this Rock Beauty before it disappeared.

The Blue Hole is not a cheap place to dive, but if you dive and you come to Belize it is simply something that has to be done. We returned home after a full day tired and satified. I recommend this outing to anyone who loves spending time below the waves.


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  1. I’ve only ever been snorkelling, but really want to giving diving a go, it looks absolutely amazing!

    • Snorkeling here in Belize is what motivated us to get our Open Water certification. It is truly a wonderful world to explore. You will not regret pursuing it. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Dude. Reading that really makes me wonder why I do what I do. Dive master… Drone… New ship. What the fuck am I doing sales for when I could do something I really enjoy. Talk about living large man. Good times. Can’t imagine. Nice read. Cool sharks too

    Btw. We’ve had another earthquake. Largest since like 1918. Something’s up.

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  3. Awesome impressions, just reaffirmed myself why I am planning a trip to Belize next year. Also thanks for the dive school recommendation, as this is the primary reason for me to go there (AOWD check; Deep Dive and Nitrox in Europe, Everything else in Belize)! Can you recommend some accomodation near Blue Hole? Thanks, cheers and enjoy!

    • I am glad you enjoyed the blog. We stay on Ambergris Caye so I don’t have any recommendations for accommodation near the Blue Hole. It is usually a 2:15 to 2:30 hour boat trip to the Blue Hole from here. We did our Open Water and I did my Rescue Diver with Belize Pro Dive Center and they were excellent. I am sure wherever you end up staying here you will have a great time. We have found the people to be fantastic.

      • Alright, thanks for the information and recommendation of the Diving Center, I am truly looking forward to Belize. Enjoy yourselves…and thanks for following :-)! Cheers!

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