Australian King Parrot
This Australian king parrot is a daily visitor in the yard.

When it comes to Australia, typically people tend to think of koalas and kangaroos. And though there are koalas and kangaroos to be seen the most overwhelming animals we have noticed have been the birds, everywhere.

Rainbow Lorikeets
Colourful Rainbow lorikeets are everywhere, adding their splash of colour to neighbourhoods. This is in our back yard.
Australian King-parrot
This pair came to gorge themselves in the feeder in our yard.

We affectionately refer to them as the “DB’s” (damn birds) due to the habit, no matter where we are, of waking up and all joining in a cacophony of noise at about 4:30AM.

Crested Pigeon
Without a doubt the punker in the group.
Bush Turkey
This fellow was hanging out in our backyard. Just relaxing and looking good.

It amazes me the variety and colour of birds that have come through our urban residential yard. The magpies are not that surprising as they adopt to humans the world over. It is the turkeys and cockatoos that get your attention.

Australian Magpies
These are very intelligent and assertive birds that clean up anything laying around.
Cocky Magpie
This Australian Magpie was not bothered by the dog, cat, or fake owls. It was just mad the food was all gone.

In addition to the birds parading through our yard there were plenty to be seen at the Botanic Gardens and the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

Pacific Black Duck
A Pacific black duck feeding amongst the lilies.
Australian Coot
Wonderfully sharp looking Coot.
Dusky Moorhen
An amazingly colourful head on this Moorhen.
Australian Wood Duck
There were lots of these beauties at the Koala Sanctuary.
Baby Owl
A worker at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary pointed this baby owlet to me.

We were fortunate enough to be able to take in a presentation on birds of prey in Australia while we were at the Koala Sanctuary. As always it was impossible to not be in awe of these magnificent birds.

Wedge-tailed eagle
This impressive Wedge-tailed eagle forced you to respect the power of these birds.
Barking Owl
This bird had the most amazing personality. Very cool to watch the handlers work with it.
Barking Owl
In case you are curious, that is the tail of a mouse hanging out of its’ beak.
Barn Owl in Flight
This Barn owl taking food off a volunteers hand.

There were plenty of other animals at the Koala Sanctuary. From lizards that would walk right up to your feet to the namesake koalas.

Eastern Water Dragon
These Eastern water dragons are everywhere. They are not at all afraid of humans.
One of the many kangaroos at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.
Spiders, spiders, spiders
There is no lack of spiders and webs among the leaves at the Botanic Gardens.

And, of course, the koalas.

Baby Koala
The koala kindergarten was full of these little fellows. Too cute.

How can you not love the koalas?

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  1. What an incredibly amazing country! I do miss it at times. Enjoy!!

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