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Singapore in 35 Hours

The Gardens by the Bay is a 101 hectare park built entirely on reclaimed land. It is very popular in the evening.

Singapore was never a place I had considered as a travel destination. However, that is the beauty of travel is you become aware of things previously unknown to you. At best I understood that Singapore was one of those places you passed through on your way to other locales. On our way from Australia to our house sit in Cambodia we booked a 35 hour layover in Singapore. Karen found a fantastic deal with Singapore Airlines for $162AUD (essentially the same as the Canadian dollar). We arrived early in the morning, had multiple passes to attractions and a nights accommodation, with airport transfers. The key is getting some sleep on the plane from Brisbane which we were successful in doing.

The flag of Singapore.

I would be remiss if I did not mention our experience with Singapore Airlines. Honestly they did not win me over with super personal service. However, it is rare that one encounters a level of professionalism, efficiency, and cleanliness that we enjoyed with them. The flight was flawless and the food and seats were excellent. Just to confirm, we did just fly economy. As well, when we left Singapore on our way to Siem Reap we flew Silk Air (a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines) and they were just as fantastic, though a little more personable. The meal with Silk Air was perhaps the tastiest I have every had on an airplane. Absolute top marks. Anyway, I digress, back to Singapore.

The Merlion looks out over Marina Bay at the mouth of the Singapore River. This shot was taken from our river cruise boat.

In addition to tickets for the Hop on, Hop off buses around Singapore our package also had tickets for a short river cruise on the Singapore River Cruise. Between these two tours we were able to get a tenuous grip on just a slice of what Singapore has to offer.
Singapore River Cruise have an excellent 40 minute cruise along part of the Singapore River and into the Marina Bay.
A worker keeping things shipshape in preparation for the next tour.
Singapore is ranked in 7th place for the most skyscrapers in a city in the world. This is part of their financial district.

As a first time tourist to Singapore perhaps the biggest attraction is the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort (quite a mouthful). This $5billion+US complex dominates the southern tip of Singapore. I am not a gambler but apparently it has the largest casino in the world. The hotel is truly spectacular.

A shot from the Helix Bridge with the Resort in the background. Apparently that is the largest public access cantilever construction in the world.

It is possible to eat very cheaply in Singapore.

A tasty inexpensive lunch amongst the locals. No idea what was with the noodles, but it was good.

However, when doing the tourist highlights one would be negligent if they did not take a trip to the top of the Marina Bay Sands Resort to check out the pool and the view. Just to be clear, when I say check out the pool I mean look at it. You must be a guest to swim in it.

Looking SW along the roof of the Marina Bay Sands Resort infinity pool. It is 146 metres long, on the 57th floor (191 metres above the ground).
This is what a $100US meal looks like on the rooftop bar at the Marina Bay Resort. Location, location, location.

We had to pay $20US to take the elevator to the top, but that was good to go toward your bill at the bar at the top. Expensive, yes. Worth it? I thought so. The views were amazing even though we were given a rather grey overcast day to enjoy. And quite frankly who doesn’t mind paying $24US for a cocktail, come on people, loosen up.

Looking east from the roof of the Marina Bay Sands Resort over the Gardens by the Bay toward the shipping and residential area in the distance.

Sunset was a bit of a non event due to the weather but we still enjoyed a free laser light and music show on the bay while we relaxed on the esplanade. While we were there, a local fellow came up and asked me to take photos for him with his iPhone while his brother proposed marriage. Made for an interesting evening.

While we were enjoying the view of Marina Bay a young gentleman asked me to take photos while his brother proposed to his girlfriend. Apparently they were a little short handed.
The view of the Fullerton Hotel and the Merlion across Marina Bay.

We headed over to the Gardens by the Bay to check some of this spectacle out. This entire area is built on reclaimed land developed with sand that had to be shipped in from outside of Singapore. This probably explains some of the $2 millionUS apartments we saw being constructed.

Supertree Grove is one of the main features in the Gardens by the Bay. They range between 25 and 50 metres tall with a walkway connecting two of the tallest trees.
Night time view of the Singapore Flyer with part of the Gardens by the Bay to the right.
The Fountain of Wealth at Suntec City was listed as the largest fountain in the world in 1998. The brass fountain is set in the middle of five office towers designed to look like a left hand.

Included in our package were tickets on the Singapore Flyer, apparently the tallest observation wheel in Asia.

The view was pretty impressive from the top of the wheel.
At 165 metres tall the Singapore Flyer is Asia’s tallest giant observation wheel. We were fortunate enough to only have to share our pod with two others.
Looking SSW from the Singapore Flyer toward the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort.

After an enjoyable yet tiring 35 hours in Singapore I know one thing for sure, if an opportunity came available to do a house sit in this city I would be all over it. It is a city with a ton of cultural diversity to explore and history that helps one get a grip on this corner of the world. I would highly recommend to anyone travelling to set aside time to explore this gem.

The ArtScience Museum is beside the Marine Bay Sands Resort. It is a lotus blossom shaped building set on a pond filled with blossoms.


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  2. Glad you enjoyed the post Sheri. It is a very cool place.

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    Hey Peter very cool photos – you guys sure know how to pack in a lot in a short time!

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