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Diving Vietnam

As our time here in Vietnam is winding down we finally took care of an unfinished piece of business. Back in December when we were passing through on our initial tour of Vietnam we went diving in Nha Trang with Sailing Club Divers, The dive company was awesome. Great staff, good, reliable equipment, and a well run outing. What they cannot control are the conditions. And in December, they were horrible.

Dive Boat
Everybody on the dive boat received the general briefing, then each group received their individual briefing on what to expect during their dive. We were fortunate to enjoy a ratio of two divers to each Dive Master.

Fast forward three months. Because we were so impressed with Sailing Club Divers we did not hesitate to contact them when we decided to give diving in Nha Trang another chance. We are so happy we did. Our day out with them was everything a day of diving should be. The water was a little chilly at 22C, but the wet suits took care of that. Visibility was excellent. The water was calm with very little to no current, it was wonderful.

Sea horse
We were so pleased to have been able to see a sea horse.

Our Dive Master, Hoang, was the same fellow we dove with in December but this time he actually got to show us stuff. We had a banner day for seeing an incredible variety of creatures. Karen mentioned to him she would love to see a sea horse and though it took some looking, he came through. Along with octopus, scorpion fish, lion fish, more nudibranchs than I can recall, it was a great day.

Cuttlefish are the most amazing creatures. The way they adapt their colour to their surroundings is magical.

The video below gives a good idea of the dives that day. Enjoy.

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  1. Very nice! Nice visibility on video

    Maybe more light would pop the colors more.

    Seahorses….incredibly hard to spot….

    Like the video editing w the names!

    Where you off to now?

    Sun & Palm Trees,



    • More light would always be nice, but I don’t have room for more unfortunately. We are off to Chiangmai at the end of the month for a couple of weeks then Malaysia. Glad you liked the video.

  2. Bryce Sherman

    Dude Great blog. Just catching up on emails. That pic of the octopus is amazing.

    Thank you, Bryce Sherman

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  3. So nice pics. I always love photos of under water world.

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