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Georgetown, Penang

Georgetown is renown for its Street Art. This is our experience of searching out and enjoying the abundant gems on nearly every street.

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Having some fun with the Kids on a Swing

Georgetown, Penang is all about the street art. With Georgetown being declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008 the proliferation of street art has exploded. In my humble opinion, I think the tourism department has done an admirable job with promoting it.

One of my favourite murals in Georgetown.

We did a free guided walk around Georgetown, then spent a couple of mornings doing a scavenger hunt looking for murals and metal sculptures hidden all around the town. If you would like to check out what we found just follow the link to my Flickr account. It was a hot couple of days, but we found some great coffee shops and corners of Georgetown we never would have visited without doing this treasure hunt. If you are ever here, stop in to the tourist info office on Beach Street. They are very helpful and have great maps.

Sometimes we would spot our quarry from down the street.
And other times you turn a corner and the image would just grab you.

As well as the art, we happened across several scenes that just spoke to life here. It was a wonderful journey of discovery.

Did you need something for dinner?
Or perhaps a newsletter printed up. I had not seen one of these since I was in junior high school.
Perhaps a chair repaired, or custom made?
But always, the art. The cool thing about several of the pieces is that they are somewhat interactive.
I am not sure if they were commenting on life, or if it was just a coincidence.

We ventured out one evening and were rewarded with some great scenes, but more impressive was seeing the numbers of locals who come out at sunset to take in the natural show and socialise. The large shorefront promenades were packed with families enjoy the cooler temperatures.

The view toward Fort Cornwallis at sunset.
One of the colonial buildings being beautifully preserved.
We stayed four nights at the Royale Chulan Hotel before leaving Penang. What a trip back in time. Ice cold tea waiting in the lobby when you returned from your day of sightseeing. Customer service and attention to detail that the staff and management should be proud of.

A huge part of the history here is the influence of the Chinese in Penang. It is one of the things that makes Malaysia as a whole so unique. The massive amount of cultural diversity as you travel around the country.

Just down from Church Street Pier are the Chinese Clan Jetties. Its speaks volumes to the history of shipping and trade that used to make Penang the centre of world trade in centuries gone by. Each jetty had its own unique character, which was reflected in its signage.


The back garden of one of the dozens of homes out on the jetties.
And as we have found throughout SE Asia where Buddhism is practiced, there is always space for a spot to practice their beliefs.

Some of my favourite sights were just normal people going about their days. Truly, it does not matter where in the world people live. They just want to make a living and be safe. Not a lot to ask.

Watching this gentleman cook food for the customers of their restaurant was fascinating. His dexterity with the chop sticks was hypnotic.
Or finding a quiet side street to get some rest in the midday heat.

Penang, and Malaysia as a whole has been an incredible experience. If we get an opportunity, it is safe to say, we will be back to Malaysia without hesitation.

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