We have heard we are currently experiencing the worst winter in Perth in a number of years, so we counted ourselves lucky to be able to get out to Rottnest Island on one of the few sunny pleasant days.

Quokka Selfie
After a very successful tourism campaign, the most popular activity on Rottnest Island is getting a selfie with one of the resident quokkas.

Other than a few isolated areas in Western Australia, and a few islands off the WA coast, you will not find quokkas anywhere else in the world. Due to unique geological events these cute little marsupials are an oddity to this region and Rottnest Island is the motherlode of them. In fact the name Rottnest was derived from an earlier explorer landing there and upon seeing the thousands of quokkas announced that the island was a “rats nest” and sailed on.

Bobtail Lizard
This Bobtail Lizard, or skink is one of several different reptiles found on Rottnest Island.
Other than a breed of bat and humans, these quokkas are the only mammals you will find on Rottnest.
Hop on Hop off
Rottnest Island is just a little too big to cover on foot. That leaves you with either the bus ($20 for an all day pass) or renting a bicycle ($30 for the day). Both are great choices. Due to the wind I was glad we opted for the bus during our visit. Another bonus is the informative commentary the drivers deliver as they drive.
Crocodile Rock
As we followed the Ngank Wen Bidi trail at the west end of the island, we came to Mabel Bay. The thing to look for here was Crocodile Rock.
Marjorie Bay
Enjoying a short beach walk along Marjorie Bay, part of the Ngank Wen Bidi trail.
Pesky Birds
Watching a crow peck at this Quokka’s tail as it tried to eat was the comic relief for the day.
Wind Power
The island is powered by 5 diesel generators, solar panels and this single wind turbine. What I found impressive was in quiet times this turbine provides up to 30% of the power for the island.
Ferry Service
You have a choice of three ferry services to Rottnest. We paid $67.50 per person for Fast Ferry and they were very good. Their boat is the one on the left.
No matter the weather or what range of interests you may have, a trip to Rottnest Island is worth it just to take the time to sit and watch these little fellows go about their business.

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