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Melbourne Impressions

So, here we are, in the thriving Aussie metropolis of Melbourne. Asking anyone here we have been assured we have reached the centre of Australian culture and history. With a population in the vicinity of 4.5 million, between Melbourne and Sydney they certainly are one of the centres of humanity here.

Free Tour
If you are ever in either Melbourne or Sydney we highly recommend the company ‘I’m Free Tours’. We have used their services in both cities and they are fantastic. The guides truly do love their cities and are happy to point out why theirs is the best. Just keep an eye out for their green shirts. And don’t be cheap when they ask for a donation at the end of the tour.
Christmas in Melbourne
We headed into the CBD on Christmas Eve to try and catch some of the Christmas Spirit. This tree in Federation Square was trying, but I have to admit it did not do it for me. “A” for effort though.
Treasury Gardens
A couple of locals keeping cool in the shade Christmas Eve in Treasury Gardens. The series of green spaces are beautiful in the CBD.

From our house sitting location 50 minutes by tram, we have made a number of trips into Melbourne to enjoy the sights and see a small part of what the city has to offer.

Fitzroy Park Conservatory
The Conservatory in Fitzroy Park has a beautiful collection of blooms to enjoy. It is also a great place to escape the sun for a bit.
Captain Cooks Cottage
A neat bit of history in Fitzroy Park. Cooks Cottage is the oldest building in Australia and was originally constructed in 1755 by Captain Cooks parents in England. In 1934 it was transported to Australia as a heritage item.
Yarra and the MCG
View from Princes Bridge over the Yarra River with the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) in the background. The largest cricket Stadium in the world with a seating capacity of over 100,000.
Bourke Street Mall
Trams and pedestrians only on this stretch of Bourke Street Mall. If shopping or people watching is your thing, this is a great place to check out. I very much enjoyed the integration of pedestrians, cyclists, trams, and vehicles in the transportation plan in Melbourne.
Lane Life
If you read any tourist literature on Melbourne you will come across mention of the laneways. It is a wonderful aspect of exploring the core of Melbourne. The cafes, restaurants, and shops you find around each corner are fantastic.
Street Artist
The other aspect of the laneways is the street art. Many of the lanes are covered in authorized street art which is wonderful and exciting to investigate. It does a lot to make up for the unfortunate perfusion of ugly tagging and graffiti which does rear its trashy head in many areas of Melbourne.

We are enjoying ourselves in Melbourne. The vibe of the city is not always to my taste, but that is a ‘me’ problem, not a reflection on the city. I love the old buildings and historic architecture. As well, the street art is wonderful to discover. I will be sharing some of my images of the street art on my Instagram (@peterpecksen) over the next little while. Feel free to check them out. You can also follow me on Instagram so you don’t miss any.

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  1. Looks like a great place to be for Christmas. We shall make it some day! Thanks for sharing.

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