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Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay
The two conservatories at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. The Flower Dome (on the left) is the largest columnless conservatory in the world.

During our first visit to Singapore in 2016 we did very well racing about seeing as many sights as we could during our brief 35 hour stop over. However, on this trip with a 10 day house sit, we have time to savour more of this amazing city and catch some of the sights we missed the first time. One of these was the conservatories in the Gardens by the Bay.

Cherry Blossom Display
The current special event highlighted in the Flower Dome is the Japanese cherry blossoms. It was simply spectacular to wander about through the trees.

If you do ever go to the gardens make sure to get your tickets in advance from Viator online and you save $7 per person. Even with the discount it is still $21/person, but well worth it. After taking transit (which is awesome here) and walking to the conservatory it is worth the price of admission just to bask in the cool Mediterranean climate. Heaven.

Cherry Blossoms
Just a tiny portion of the cherry blossom section. Very peaceful to walk through, partially because the crowds were minimal while we were there.
Brillant Artwork
Throughout both the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest there are sculptures of real and mythical creatures. Beautifully executed in a variety of materials.

Dragon Anyone?

Common Sense
Something I find bizarrely comforting is that no matter where in the world we go it seems that people have to be reminded of the most obvious things.
Someone is watching
And you want to obey the rules because you never know who is watching. 😂😉
Cloud Forest
The second conservatory we visited was the Cloud Forest. The first thing you are greeted with is this 35 metre waterfall. We were also fortunate to have the misters operating when we walked in. An amazing effect as you walk by the waterfall.
Cloud Forest Walkway
The Cloud Forest has a walkway that takes you from the top to the bottom of the structure, providing several perspectives of life in a rain forest.

With some incredible design features these two conservatories have a carbon neutral footprint.

Lego Garden
When I mentioned earlier that they use a variety of materials for the sculptures in the conservatories, this garden on the top level of the Cloud Forest epitomises that. The greenery is all natural however all the flowers here are made of lego type pieces.

If you are ever in, or passing through Singapore we highly recommend that you take the time to check out both the Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome. Well worth it.

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