After spending the last four weeks in Calgary with an incredibly generous mother-in-law, we have moved out to the the rural area just outside of Calgary. The move also coincided with a dramatic improvement in the weather here, Thankfully.

Spring Reflections
For me, early spring in southern Alberta is nothing to be excited about. It involves windy, chilly days, frequent snow falls and ugly dead grass. However, once Mother Nature unwinds her knickers and allows spring to blossom, it is pretty spectacular.

It is still dead and brown, but the blue skies and double digit temperatures let you know that things will be blooming soon. As well, the birds start appearing in earnest. Don’t get me wrong, everyone here knows that we will get at least one more blast of snow before we really put winter to bed.

The robins are plentiful here. It is wonderful in the late afternoon sunshine to sit and enjoy a bevy while watching the birds fly around.
Downy Woodpecker
We even got to add a new bird to our list. This little Downy Woodpecker was fun to watch.
The Back 40
For me the best part of being in the rural area is the space. Social distancing isn’t a new thing out here. It is a way of life.
Home Sweet Home
The other thing we are exceptionally thankful for is having friends who out of the goodness of their hearts allow us to be able to access vehicles and beautiful accommodations while our normal mobile lifestyle is at a standstill.

Thank you to everyone who has been there for us and helped us out. Amongst so much negative in the press and social media it is wonderful to realize that kind, good people are still more prevalent. We just don’t give them the appreciation they deserve because they never would ask for it.

Welcome to our travel blog. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to say, "I'm out of here?" Well we did, and in 2013 we made it a reality. We sold or gave away all of our possessions other than what fit in our luggage and we set off on an endless adventure. Part of our goal is to share our experiences with others and hopefully provide some information, motivation, or just a moments escape. The general idea was to look for a place that would be ideal to settle down in. However in the meantime it is about experiencing life in different countries amongst different cultures and learning how to understand and appreciate each other. A large part of our time is spent housesitting which provides an excellent opportunity to experience more of the "normal" neighbourhoods as opposed to the tourist locales. Though we make sure to enjoy those as well. So through plenty of photographs and a running commentary come and share with us our life on the road.

5 comments on “Some Rural Time

  1. Sue Landgrebe

    Hate to be picky but after appending the last month watching woodpeckers in Alberta. The picture is of a downy woodpecker , hairy woodpeckers beaks are much longer. Glad you’ve found a place to land.

  2. delena johnston

    You are so right when you said social distancing is not a thing out in the country. It is a way of life and enjoy your time out in the country where the silence is golden and the views of nature and wildlife is breathtaking.

  3. Beautiful photos … it is nice to see it from your point of view.

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