Fortunately we have the use of a truck while we are on PEI. This opens up the opportunity to turn down the side dirt roads to explore. We could still do that with a car, but as the promise of moisture increases, having a truck with 4×4 is infinitely more comforting.

Loving the use of this vehicle as we explore. As an added benefit, it is purposely set up to transport the dogs in comfort as well. It turns out they are great travelling companions.

Part of the interesting history of PEI is how it came to become part of Canada. A large part of this is due to the Prince Edward Island Railway, that is now the Confederation Trail. Built in the 1870’s the railway linked the island from tip to tip. However it also nearly bankrupted the government. The bail out by the Government of Canada was one of the reasons PEI joined Confederation in 1873.

After the railway was closed at the end of 1989 the rails were pulled out and a beautiful trail was constructed on the rail bed. Certainly if you are into cycling this would be a trip you should definitely add to your list of routes to cycle.
What we are finding the Confederation Trail great for is frequent walking breaks as we tour the island. Whenever we come across an intersection of the roadway and the trail, we simply park and go for an out and back stroll along the trail.
The trail is meticulously maintained and is posted with markers every kilometre as it winds through the scenic countryside. As the trail is an old railway, it never exceeds a 2% grade along its 435km length.
Even as the leaves start to fall in earnest there is still plenty of colour to capture you along the trail.

We had heard that there was a brewery hidden away at the end of a dirt road on one part of the island. So to continue our quest to visit all the breweries in the province and to explore back roads, this was a must do on our list.

The owners of Moth Lane Brewery have embraced their off the beaten track location by posting signs to let you know when you missed it.
Once you do find it, it is worth the trip. Friendly staff and an owner who loves to talk about how the brewery came to be.
The beer is pretty good too.

Stay tuned. We have a road trip planned to the corner of the island we haven’t checked out yet. It should be fun.

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  1. Nice blog the first picture looks identical to the one we have on our wall. Is it where the farm meets the sea?

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