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A Day in our Greek Life

As we pass the half way point of our three months in Greece I figure it is time for some reflection. As in, what the heck do we do with our time here? As with every other person in the world the answer is routines. Those routines may morph a bit from location to location, however it is important to have them.

Whenever it is reasonable we prefer to spend time outside enjoying the sunshine. Dice and card games on the patio are by far the favourite activity in the afternoon. As we get more into the winter months here though, these opportunities are decreasing.

It is fairly consistent when we tell people we are house sitting for three months on a Greek island that they reply with a “It must be nice”, and it is. However winter on a Greek island is not the imagined experience people automatically associate to it. It is chilly. I know, “Cry me a river, it’s -20C back in Canada”. As the temperatures stay in the single digits and the rain is more consistent we find ourselves keeping busy inside.

In houses built to deal with the heat of summer, the chill is nasty. The dampness gets into everything. However, a good fire and the occasional use of a gas space heater and one can manage. You do tend to spend your time in the immediate proximity to the wood burner.

Having said all that I feel I should probably clarify. This is why we travel. It is about finding what is for us, the best spots in the world. But that involves seeing the chilly, rainy, snowy, blowing side of areas as well as the sunny, warm, beautiful times.

We are not the only ones that like to huddle by the fire on chilly afternoons.

Having the time to do a bit of exploring and just dealing with life challenges is what makes this type of house sitting so appealing to us.

When the sun is shining it is wonderful to get outside, as it is generally warmer in the sun than in the house. While we putter around the yard the resident cats keep an eye on us from a variety of perches.
Last week while weeding the garden we could hear a commotion at the front of the house and were greeted with the local herder moving his flock of goats through the streets.
The neighbourly thing to do was go and give him a hand.
Everyday we get out for a walk and ideally it is to a place with a view. That is the island of Kefalonia across the water.
There are no lack of churches and monasteries around the island to provide destinations for our daily strolls.
We also very much enjoy our trips into the village of Stavros, a 10 minute drive down the hill. Whether it is dinner at the restaurant, Delicious.
Or coffee and a treat at our favourite taverna, we enjoy interacting with the locals and soaking in the village lifestyle.

Welcome to our travel blog. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to say, "I'm out of here?" Well we did, and in 2013 we made it a reality. We sold or gave away all of our possessions other than what fit in our luggage and we set off on an endless adventure. Part of our goal is to share our experiences with others and hopefully provide some information, motivation, or just a moments escape. The general idea was to look for a place that would be ideal to settle down in. However in the meantime it is about experiencing life in different countries amongst different cultures and learning how to understand and appreciate each other. A large part of our time is spent housesitting which provides an excellent opportunity to experience more of the "normal" neighbourhoods as opposed to the tourist locales. Though we make sure to enjoy those as well. So through plenty of photographs and a running commentary come and share with us our life on the road.

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  1. Great pictures and such a fun experience. It looks beautiful and the cats look very content!

  2. I love reading your travel log!

  3. Thanks for sharing 😊

  4. Great share again, Pete. I’m a ten time visitor to Naxos on the other side of the mainland. One of my favourite places in the world. Hope to get back there in the near future. See you soon

  5. At looks like the skies are mostly blue – that must be a big plus !

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